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A Brief History

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Arsenal is one of the leading English clubs and plays the kind of football most teams can only dream about. Nicknamed the Gunners, they're a North London team with a huge fan base. They're closest rivals are Tottenham Hotspur but like most clubs these days seem to enjoy locking horns with Manchester United. They were founded in 1886 which also makes them one of the oldest clubs in the English domestic league. Arsenal is also one of the most successive clubs in the England, having won three doubles and the Premier League on two occasions (and counting). For many years Arsenal played their football at Highbury stadium but now play their home games at the Emirates Stadium which has a capacity of over sixty thousand fans. The move to the Emirates Stadium has also made Arsenal one of the richest clubs in world football, ensuring they continue to be one of the top teams well into the future. Famous Arsenal players from the past include Cliff Bastin, Ian Wright, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry to name but a few Arsenal legends. For years, Arsenal had a reputation of playing a strong defensive game and winning games by a single goal. Their back four of Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Nigel Winterburn is legendary and still used by coaches to illustrate how defending should be. Arsenal football shirts are traditionally red and white, with white shorts and red or white socks. The designs of their away shirt vary but have often been yellow and blue. Nike have manufactured Arsenal shirts for a long time and have a contract to continue doing so.

Chelsea got schooled by the BooshSource What Is The 92? Football (or Soccer for my friends across the Atlantic) is a national institution here in the UK. At the top of these multiple echelons sits the Football League. Consisting of four divisions with teams being promoted and relegated between them at the end of the season, these 4 leagues represent the true professional level of the game. Whilst the make up of teams is forever changing, one thing always remains, the Football League will consist of 92 clubs. Managing to visit as many of the 92 League club's grounds is a small badge of honour for many football fans. The introduction photo shows Wembley Stadium, the home of the England National Team and a ground I am fortunate to have visited several times. I HAVE CURRENTLY BEEN TO 20 OF THE 92 LEAGUE CLUBS! UPDATE 30 May 2016 - For the 2nd year in succession I failed to tick off any new grounds but hub has been updated for a lot of changes to leagues due to promotion/relegation.

UPDATE 12 Jul 2015 - Hub updated to account for latest promotions/relegation. Unfortunately I didn't manage to tick any new grounds off last season. UPDATE: 26 Apr 2014 - Hub updated to account for promotions/relegation and thanks to Luton Town being promoted, I have moved up to 20! UPDATE: 21 Apr 2014 - We were in South Wales for Easter and I took in a game at Newport County, a new one for the list! Source The Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the World and is home to some of the World's best players. At any time there are 20 teams in the league and these are the grounds that I have visited! Arsenal (Emirate's Stadium) - This is the ground I have been to more than any other in the entire country. Why? I am a massive Arsenal fan and this is our home since 2006. Previously we played at Highbury, just a matter of yards from the site of this modern ground that seats over 60,000 people. Many people would bemoan the lack of history etc. that surrounds the Emirate's but for me it has been our home.

I was only able to visit Highbury once as a kid due to a lack of money, being a student living miles away and the much smaller capacity making tickets scarce. My first game here was in September 2007 against Newcastle Utd and I lose count of how many times I have gone back since! The big picture above is one that I took on one of my many visits to this splendid location. Burnley (Turf tip bong da 24h Moor) - I visited Burnley's Turf Moor a few years ago for an FA Cup match against Arsenal. The match sticks in my memory for a couple of reasons. Middlesbrough (The Riverside) - Another team from the North East that I was able to visit when I was studying in that region. The original date of the game was cancelled at late notice due to excessive snow but a few days later was able to head to the Riverside and tick this off my list.